Sunday, December 21, 2008

Carbon Cachet

So I'm watching a college basketball game on TV yesterday and there's an advertisement for a new Visa credit card made of carbon fiber. That's pretty cool, I thought, if I had one I could even use it to scrape ice off the windshield. So I visited the website and found that the card carries a $495 annual fee. Who would want that sort of prestige? Visa must think there are enough people that would be willing to bite. I had been thinking of using some left over carbon cloth to make a license plate frame for my car. A Google search for such an item revealed one made with "100% real carbon fiber" for $50.00. Still too rich for my blood.

So I'm starting to spec the materials for my new gantry. The gantry I have now is made of glass tubes with a carbon sleeve. I suppose the weight is a bit more than a gantry made of all carbon, but the cost is certainly much less. Since the tubes in the gantry are subject to some rapid force changes, especially when crashing, I'm not sure that glass isn't the best choice. Supposedly a glass tube has a little more give before breaking when compared to an all carbon tube which, while stronger, is more brittle. I'm no structural engineer with material expertise, but I sometimnes play one when building... (visions of D. Lord?)

ODU uses the first 40 seconds or so of AC/DC's Back in Black to start the Men's BB games. An article in this morning's paper states that the group has almost become mainstream.

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