Thursday, July 2, 2009

Internet mothing...

I'm at the stage where I'm trying to cut a tang in my new strut and sand it to fit the existing socket on my old foil. Another day or so and "Plan C" may come together and I'll actually get back on the water.

So I'm stuck with the cycle of make dust, apply goop, wait, repeat.

In the meantime, I'm back at the computer. Sorry about the auto play on yesterday's post. For today, you get to click each hot link to activate the music. I've selected what I consider to be the top three video picks from the mothosphere:

(1) Rohan at Garda
(2) Bora at Black Rock
(3) Dave at St George's.

Does anybody have any other really good video clips?


Rod Harris said...

There was a great video taken by rohan of the pre worlds training day at weymouth worlds - but he seems to have removed it from youtube. dont know why... on this subject it would be great if there was a centralised point of finest video and images which could then easily be used for PR purposes and inspiring prospective mothies.

Teknologika said...

Dave is sailing at St. George Sailing club


Joe Bousquet said...

I agree that a centralized video repository would be useful. Certainly to include the "Foil School" set.

Bora Gulari said...

you tube has taken a lot of videos down for copyright issues