Saturday, October 1, 2011


I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Once the foil issue is completely sorted, and the gantry is made bulletproof, and the tramps are re-sewn, then the next weakest part has to give. My rear wingbar gave out sailing in an ocean regatta where there were 4 foot seas and 10-20 knots of wind. Luckily a rescue r.i.b. got me back to shore. I'll attempt to sleeve the pieces but my best guess is that I'll need another tube custom made.

I'm not sure why it broke. The rear cheese slicer may have been too tight. I had just reinstalled the rack to put on the resewn tramps and may have tightened down on the U-bolt a bit too much, although I realize it only serves to hold the rack and hull together.  I also may have introduced some stress cracks by pounding on the tube with a rubber mallet the last time I disassembled it. At any rate it looks like the HPDO is a bust again this year.

I'll continue to gaze at the picture of a glory moment taken two years ago by the Photoboat folks. To all those sailing this year, I hope the conditions are just as good.

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George A said...

Joe: Major bummer. Sorry Tri-Foil let you down. Glad to read that the crash boat was handy. We also had big wind at Chestertown. Lick your wounds and try Tri-Umph to the Halloween regatta. Mark and Mike will be there. Probably Randall as well.