Saturday, January 16, 2010

Classic to Foiler Conversion - Part 2

It's coming slowly but surely. Seventeen consecutive days of below average temperatures haven't helped. The "cold spell" finally broke on Wednesday and I've been able to work outside. In the previous couple of weeks Susan has been very tolerant of having carbon bits laid up in the kitchen. Memories of two winters ago when the whole boat was in the kitchen! Below are three pics of the bottom of the hull showing the "dolphin" as Adam called it. It's made of five layers of carbon and is screwed into the edges of the centerboard well. I'm hoping it will provide sufficient strength fore and aft in the event of running aground. The shaped opening is about 12 layers of carbon that were laid up on the vertical. The fit is tight but needs to be to prevent the strut from wobbling.

Note the silver line on the strut. That's where the board exits Try-Foil's Hungry Beaver hull. Aftermath's well is about two inches shorter so the mainfoil will run deeper. Actually, with the rocker of a classic low riding hull, the main foil will be riding deeper even if the well depth was the same. Since I don't plan on building a deeper rudder, the wand will be adjusted short to reduce foiling height. Besides, I've got a feeling Susan will be plenty happy just a foot or so out of the water.

The top end of the centerboard case is shown below. Two 1/8" thick pieces of G10 glass laminate should be plenty strong to take the weight of the boat and helmswoman. By placing a different insert onto the four strong points the pivot can be moved forward (less AoA) by about an inch.

Next up is the removal of the foredeck to install a stem block for the wand pivot and the push rod tube. I need to repair the port side the chainplate area anyway so the foredeck replacement had to happen. I'll use the opportunity to beef up both sides to accommodate the foiling crashes that are sure to come. The mid-winters start in 21 days. Stay tuned.


Simon Payne said...

I think this is fantastic Joe. Now where's my old Magnum 6...

Nancy said...

Lookin good! Fun project!