Monday, January 11, 2010

Surf video camera

While thumbing through a confiscated Surfer magazine (yes, kids still try to bring these things into the classroom) I noticed an ad for a new "surf cam" from Prices seem reasonable: standard definition wide angle lens for US$160 and a High Def version for US$300. The videos on the website show lots of options: helmet cams, bow and stern mounted cams (and I'm sure it would be easy to do the masthead mount.)

So what are folks using to produce foiling videos?


Karl said...

The Hero is pretty popular. ATC from Oregon Scientific is OK too. Go for the widest angle you can get.

Geoff said...


I have just started Mothing and have been using the Oregon Scientific ATC-3K on a Gath helmet.

Its field of view is approximately equivalent to a 28mm lens on a APS-C sensor size camera.

Wearing it on the helmet I occassionally catch it on lines when I capsize despite its compact form. As such, I think the Hero would be worse if mounted to a helmet.

Mounting the camera to the mast head will give a decent field of view. If you wanted any other angle I think you would have to mount it on an extension tube to get a large enough field of view.

Cookie said...

I've used the helmet hero wide a lot as headcam and mounted on the boat. Quality is good but battery life is poor if recording video. Would suggest rather than their HD surf one that a rugged compact would be the way to go - I have the toughened waterproof Panasonic Lumix which records HD but I haven't used it on the boat yet...