Friday, August 29, 2008

All Hail, Glenn!

I welcome the wise and honorable third judge to the World Championship Mothblog panel. Matt and Andrew, while eminent umpires in their own right, will only be strengthened by Glenn's inclusion, in their united resolve to discern correctly the premiere blog in all of the mothosphere.

Of course, all realize that inclusion in (or temporary removal from) the sidebar hotlinks on the world site should not bias the decision about the quantity and quality of posts on competing blogs, all trying to be "interesting and informative" and to be "vaguely about Moth sailing/activities."

See y'all in the Gorge!

Joe :)

1 comment:

Doug Culnane said...

Joe stop trying to flatter the judges.

Removing the competition for the list is nothing personal it is just part of the race... ;-)

Blog links are now for members of the IMCA, so you need to talk to your Committee to get in the list. I will write up a "how to" for members and committees on this when I have done some other updates like your history page.