Monday, August 18, 2008

It ain't fair!

The bottom of my gantry, that is. I've been dragging the bottom in the light stuff so decided to try to smooth out the flow in the marginal conditions. I started building a full foam and carbon sheath over the tubes but decided that the weight and volume are more than I need. Besides, there is the problem of deciding whether or not to seal the fairing so that it provides flotation while capsized.

Mod 2 is a minimal fairing around the lower three inches or so. Certainly lighter and no worry about sealing the structure. Strength is still from the tubes so the fairing is mostly foam and micro-balloons with a light skin of carbon. In hind sight an engineered structure like the BR gantry would be best, maybe an over-the-winter project.

Congrats to Bora, Si and Hans on their performance at the Gorge. There is a new favorite for the '09 world's overall championship and for the junior award. Oh yeah, isn't it a pisser to travel a third of the way around the world only to have a bunch of the scheduled races cancelled due to weather. Feast or famine, either extreme is a pain, eh, Si?

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