Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Daze

School is back in session so my days are pretty full teaching. I do however plan on sailing as many weekends until the weather turns too cold (no, I don't have any intention of buying a "steamer" and do the frostbite stuff...)

This afternoon the second shoe fell on the shipping costs for the Weymouth trip - $2840.84 for the return leg to Norfolk. It turns out that the whole world's experience would have ended up costing, due to entry fee and shipping alone, over $700 per race, and that's assuming I competed in all seven races. Would anybody agree that $700 per race is even sensible? (And since each race averaged about 60 minutes, the cost to participate would have been almost $12 per minute...) How wacked out am I?

So, yeah, I'm in a daze. The shipping bill gets paid and I write it off as live and learn. I know for sure if I can convince Susan not to burn the boat that we'll be driving to Oregon next year for the worlds. No more air freight for me! I wonder how much it would have cost to send the boat over and back via surface.....

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