Saturday, November 7, 2009

My take on the "One Equipment Rule"

Agreeing with most of the comments floating around the mothosphere, I think the idea of a "one equipment rule" is a solution looking for a problem. I would argue that the more equipment around the better, even if that means that a few people might bring a larger kit to regattas. I know I measured two sails at the worlds, and I also used two mainfoils, albeit one a borrowed replacement after the new foil collapsed. More bits will certainly accelerate development and the older, less efficient foils, masts, etc, will filter down to the sailors that are less well off financially to be able to afford the latest and greatest. That benefits home builders, juniors, and generally any newcomers to the class. Why buy an older lowrider when there might be an older foiler available?

On the topic of replacing my wand cable with a pushrod, I'm still looking for a dimension that will give me the vertical offset from pivot point to rod axis. The diagram above is from the Bladerider Support website and I've marked the discrepancy in red. All the lengths are spot on with their marked dimensions except for this one. So is it 19mm or 14 mm? Any comments would be appreciated.