Sunday, March 14, 2010

Congrats Si!

Another world championship trophy for Simon Payne. Well done!

This victory is two years after Weymouth, where prior to the actual regatta the venue was touted as a probable light air regatta and Si's hopes were riding as high as he was in the light stuff.

Dubai was also eighteen months after the US Nationals in the Gorge where Simon was to only overseas competitor to compete (he finished second) in preparation for last year's worlds.

This year's victory is well deserved to someone who's put in a consistent effort over a number of years, despite injury and age.  Well done, Si, your fellow competitors salute you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thoughts on a Perfect World's Venue

With comments rolling about the conditions in Dubai and whether it was a good choice, here're my thoughts for what they're worth:

1. Warm water. Given the choice who doesn't like sailing where it's warm? Forget any spot with water temps below 55˚F (13˚C.) The perfect temp? Just about 75˚F (24˚C.)

2. Fresh water. Given the option, I always enjoy fresh water over salt water. Less to wash down after sailing and the gear dries more quickly.

3. Friendly beach launching. Imagine a well manicured grass lawn adjacent to a wooden bulkhead with about 5 feet of water at the edge. Of course, a sandy bottom to boot. Sloping beaches are okay, but rocks popping up at random heights aren't. Why sail where there's a concrete ramp, unless there's not other choice?

4. Shore facilities. The Gorge proved these aren't necessary, but I would love to see plenty of showers, toilets, and changing rooms. In this respect, Weymouth was nice.

5. Accoutrements for the spectators and press. The course should be within view of shore and there should be sufficient wifi and internet resources.

6. Social scene. For getting together before and after racing. Wine, women and song...

7. Climatological history of varied breeze. That's the rub. Nobody likes low riding and nobody likes 30+. So the ideal venue will have a mix over the six days of racing of a couple of days each of 7-10kts, 10-18 kts, and 18-25kts. Or, perhaps, light in the morning and gradually building each day with a sea breeze. Give the lightweights and the heavy air specialists a shot at "their" conditions, but don't let one condition predominate.

So, while Weymouth was at the heavy end, the Gorge in the middle, and Dubai at the light end, we really haven't had a varied mix in the past three Worlds. It’s gratifying to see Amac near the top this week, given he finished 2nd in 2008. What will Lake Macquarie bring?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 Rules

I'm addicted. Watching the racing almost live is hard to beat. Kudos to Clean and SA. Great job! I also have to give props to Scott for his description of how the action on the course plays out from the competitor's point of view. I feel I'm as close as I would be if I was wallowing around in the Arabian Gulf in Try-Foil....

Monday, March 8, 2010

What surprising results! What conditions?

So Amac wins the first race, with a couple of Yanks and four Brits in the top ten. Bora finishes 12th, Arnaud 17th. The immediate posting of the results is great but we gotta know what happened on the water conditions-wise. Light air, probably, since there was a couple hour postponement. So was it shifty and full of holes? Steady with a typical seabreeze clocking? I'm staring at the web between classes trying to get more info...

link to results

1 Andrew McDougall
2 Michael Lennon
3 Brad Funk
4 Chris Graham
5 Simon Payne
6 Adam May
7 Tomaz Copi
8 Scott Babbage 
9 Ricky Tagg
10 Dalton Bergen
11 Rob Gough
12 Bora Gulari
13 Martin Gravare
14 Zack Maxam
15 Mikis Psarofaghis
16 Mark Robinson
17 Arnaud Psarofaghis
18 Alex Adams
19 Jean-Pierre Ziegert
20 Paul Hayden
21James Cole
22 Alex Buerger
23 George Peet
24 Marcel Herrerra
25 Lindsey Bergen
26 James Phare
27 Dougie Imrie
28 Kerstin Sommer
29 Emma Aspington
30 Rob Fordyce
31 Marc Bruegger
32 Ben Crocker
33 Simon Savage
34 Dion Houghton
35 Glenn Raphael
36 Magnus Gravare
37 Philip Kasermann
38 Tim Penfold
39 Richard Davies
40 Per Eskilson
41 Jonathan Peats
42 Dirk Weiblen
43 Mauro Bettazza
43 Jeroen Leenen

Mon 08 Mar 10 17:16

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Information, Please!

Congrats to Chris on winning the UAE Nationals.  According to published reports, as they are, the conditions hit both extremes of the wind range. It's also interesting to see Arnaud with two bullets in the breeze and dropping back a bit in the light stuff. In today's conditions (postponements, recalls, and at least one black flag start with a number of folks DSQ'ed for being OCS,) the three wins were claimed by three different folks (Mike Lennon, Si Payne, and Dalton Bergen,) none of whom finished in the top eight due to carrying a DNF from yesterday. Bora also had a DNF yesterday but using his discard managed a third overall on a tie breaker with Scott.

I've seen the footage from Clean of yesterday's top mark "carnage" but am searching for more info on the racing. Is there not someone who can give all us moth addicts an up-close and personal perspective? Com'on guys and gals - get to the keyboard and start typing! We have Thierry on the water, but some photos of the shore action would be great, too (thanks, Adam for yours).  Maybe some head shots and smiling mugs? 
Wish I was there...