Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boat Names

Maybe I'm being a bit nostalgic, but when I was reviewing the list of entries at the 1977 Moth Worlds hosted by Hayling Island Sailing Club, I saw that of the 86 entries, all but 19 had submitted a boat name. Many were indicative of the home-built nature of the class back then, but some were just plain interesting. Why are boat names on today's moths seemingly rare?

At any rate, enjoy the following look back on mothing in the late 70s...and I wonder how many of these folks have made the transition to foiling other than me.

And, yes, I'd love to make the trip again next summer if I can get the funds....

                                    HAYING ISLAND SAILING CLUB
                                    INTERNATIONAL MOTH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 1977
                                    LIST OF ENTRIES

Country                                    Helm                           Boat Name                              No.

AUSTRALIA                          C. Burton                     Red Ned                                  KA8467
CZECHOSLAVAKIA             P. Tomasch                  Troll II                                    CZ1
                                                R. Andil Jnr.                Troll                                       CZ11
DENMARK                            J. Kold                                                                         D6
                                                H. Jensen                                                                    D22
                                                C. Mueller                                                                   D23
                                                T. Neilson                                                                    D24
                                                M. Freek                                                                      D25
                                                J. Boetter-Jensen                                                        D30
FDR                                        J. Segger                      Guppy                                      G1
                                                A. Messtorff                Jaimte                                      G2
                                                S. Kickhofen                Winnie                                    G610
                                                W. Briegleb                 O-g                                          G672
                                                M. Zeller                     Jumbo                                      G714
                                                B. Buhler                     Behemoth                                G715
                                                U. Fischer                    Fischli                                      G724
                                                Erica Von Borcke                                                        G734
                                                J. Pichler                     Unke                                        G738
                                                S. Gunter                                                                     G753
                                                N. Rubach                                                                   G801
HOLLAND                              D. de Boer                                                                    H3
                                                C. de Graaff                                                                  H7
                                                H. Hamberg                                                                  H10

SOUTH AFRICA                   A. Lanham-Love          Merveille du Jour                    3600
SWEDEN                                M. Lindgren                 Goofy                                      S371
                                                U. Bowallius               Mitzigainoff                              S377
                                                R. Weigard                  Blabar                                      S381
                                                D. Bolenius                 Valkyrian II                              S407
                                                A. Galmark                                                                  S415
SWITZERLAND                     B. Guhl                        Guinea Pig                               Z415
                                                G. Werner                   Heya                                         Z420
                                                H. Jorg                        Hu                                             Z425
                                                A. Wickart                   Scho    Rot                               Z475
                                                C. Kuchli                     C.C.                                          Z478
                                                B. Wicki                      Half Night Wonder                  Z481
                                                T. Schiess                    Viola da Gamba                       Z482
                                                C. Guanziroli               Calimero                                  Z494
                                                H. Dreher                    L.S.D. 7                                    Z495
UNITED KINGDOM             C. Edwards
                                                B. Spencer                   Salty Dog                                K3346
                                                Yvonne Woodwell      Soapha                                    K3361
                                                R.D. Townsley                                                            K3435
                                                J.R. Woods                  Orange Underwing                 K3437
                                                A.R. Gould                  Limbo                                      K3468
                                                D.B. Hall                     Regular Dart                            K3498
                                                R. Elliston                   Slip and Grip                           K3501
                                                J. Iszatt                        Sprite Alite                              K3505
                                                R.J. Heseltine              Whiter Shade of Pale              K3520
                                                D. Surridge                  Lemming                                  K3525
                                                M.J. Wood                  Magnalium                               K3533
                                                N.G. Blake                  Norfolk Poacher                      K3541
                                                J. Pearce                      Sidewinder Too                       K3555
                                                B.C. Cox                     Sunny                                       K3560
                                                C. Reeves                    Wendigo                                  K3562
                                                C. Walker                    Vergin’ on the Wakehurst       K3566
                                                M. Iszatt                      Tumbleweed                            K3567
                                                P. Conway                   Great Uncle Bulgaria              K3574
                                                M. Brill                       Magnum-Opus                         K3602
                                                P. Iszatt                        Final Fling                               K3608
                                                M. Green                     Down Under                            K3615
                                                C. Cottrill                    Lucy Lastick                            K3617
                                                J. Spencer-Smith         X Tension                                K3619
                                                C.A. Evans                  9 Day Wonder                         K3622
                                                B. Short                       The Galloping Maggot of         K3632
                                                                                    Bexhill on Sea
                                                B. Cole                        Just William                             K3636
                                                D. Iszatt                       Super Womble                         K3643
                                                J.G. Claridge               Magnum III                              K3646
                                                P. Dives                      Charlie                                      K3647
                                                A.J. Francis                 Hunca Munca                          K3649
                                                R. Hargreaves             Try Again                                 K3660
                                                J. Byrne                       Sul                                           K3665
                                                M. Shepherd                Hawkwind                               K3666
                                                D. Barnes                    Warrior                                    K3667
                                                A. Prower                   Collusion                                  K3670
                                                J.H. Butler                   Truffles                                   K3671
                                                R. Oates                      The Waki-Racer                      K3673
                                                G. Pither                                                                      K3674
                                                T. Gale                        Intangible Sophistication         K3676
                                                J.C. Bull                                                                       K3677
                                                C. Eyre                        Cunning Stunt                          K3679
                                                B.M. Reeve                 K.K.T.F.S.B.U.                        K3680
                                                J. Meachen                                                                   K3681
                                                S. Allen                       Schizofrantic                            K3686
U.S.A.                                    J.A. Bousquet              Try-umph                                 US4191
                                                T. Lutton                                                                      US4197
                                                R. Wallio                                                                      US4198

Monday, September 23, 2013

Without the video it didn't happen...

This weekend was the Classic Moth National Championships in Elizabeth City, NC.  (picture above by Brett A. Clark for The Daily Advance,) I managed to regain the title 12 years after last winning it back in 2001. After the racing on Sunday I put the foils from my international moth on Susan's Shelley. The breeze was marginal but I did manage to get airborne for a few seconds. I really needed a steady 12-13 kts. Video courtesy of Len Parker.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The world's oldest foiling moth

dateline Friday, September 6th,  Norfolk, VA.

    This afternoon at 1630 hours, a ply moth of the Shelley design, built by Bill McCutcheon on the Isle of Wight in the 1960s, has achieved full flight with a classic moth rig. The venue was Willoughby Bay in Norfolk, Virginia (USA.)  Conditions as recorded on a nearby weather station situated in the harbor were 11-13 knots. When the wind peaked the boat easily lifted and sustained flight for about a half a mile broad reaching. The pilot was Joe Bousquet who used the foils from his international moth Try-Foil, a five year old Hungry Beaver design. The plywood Shelley, on the other hand, was the first of McCutcheon's boats imported to the United States. It had fallen into extreme disrepair and was resurrected in 2001 by Bousquet as "Aftermath" and was subsequently sailed for over ten years by Susan Bousquet in races sponsored by the Classic Moth Boat Association.

No video nor GPS readings were available, but may be forthcoming during future flights. Below is a snapshot of the wind conditions during the afternoon hours when Aftermath was foil-borne.