Thursday, September 8, 2011

Norfolk Yacht and CC Regatta

Five classic mothies met in Norfolk on Labor Day weekend for the NYCC annual regatta. The breeze was non-existent for an hour and when it finally came in a little we launched at Susan's urging to get something going. We sailed one race on our own, picking nav aids and an anchored barge for rounding marks,  then the race committee came out and set a proper course for three more races. It was only the moths and the Hampton O-Ds, the remaining classes staying at home, either to continue cleaning up from Irene or to attend the ODU football opener. The absence of the dozens of Optis, a staple during prior years, was rather eye-opening and disappointing.

Mike won, I finished 2nd, Walt 3rd, Greg 4th, and Susan brought up the rear.  Certainly the light and shifty conditions were not to Susan's liking, who was looking for the steady 8-12 that she loves.  I mounted the camera on the stern quarter of Try-Umph and got some footage to show the conditions.  Video to come...