Saturday, March 6, 2010

Information, Please!

Congrats to Chris on winning the UAE Nationals.  According to published reports, as they are, the conditions hit both extremes of the wind range. It's also interesting to see Arnaud with two bullets in the breeze and dropping back a bit in the light stuff. In today's conditions (postponements, recalls, and at least one black flag start with a number of folks DSQ'ed for being OCS,) the three wins were claimed by three different folks (Mike Lennon, Si Payne, and Dalton Bergen,) none of whom finished in the top eight due to carrying a DNF from yesterday. Bora also had a DNF yesterday but using his discard managed a third overall on a tie breaker with Scott.

I've seen the footage from Clean of yesterday's top mark "carnage" but am searching for more info on the racing. Is there not someone who can give all us moth addicts an up-close and personal perspective? Com'on guys and gals - get to the keyboard and start typing! We have Thierry on the water, but some photos of the shore action would be great, too (thanks, Adam for yours).  Maybe some head shots and smiling mugs? 
Wish I was there...



Nancy said...


Joe, I wish you were there too!

Marcel Herrera said...

you can watch the live footage from sailing anarchy for the worlds, but at this rate, i think its fair enough to say that the whole fleet is sleeping rather than spending time infront of there pc. We had both extremes of conditions, with large waves on the first day making everyone capsize or pitchpole at least once, and on the second day only marginal conditions with the light sailors getting up early, and some others with a help of breaching rule 42... turned into a heated discussion afterwards!

the racing on day two was mixed, the race was actually won by alex buerger, on a bladerider with assassin foils, however because he was ocs and black flagged, it did not count!

i will try and keep my blog up to date

Joe Bousquet said...

Thanks, Marcel.