Thursday, December 31, 2009


Aftermath, a MK I ShMc designed by Shelley and built by McCutcheon on New Road, Wootton, I-O-W (complete boats available from 140 pounds) was the first British boat to win a race in the IMCA World Championship Regatta. Aftermath, #2814, was helmed by R.C.(Charlie) Reeves from Medway Yacht Club who won the first race of the series on August 21, 1966 sailed at Lausanne, Switzerland. Charlie went on to finish 6th overall, with the World Cup Championship going to Jean Pierre Roggo for the second consecutive year.

All the above information is from the IMCA British '66-'67 yearbook available on the world site. The cover also shows a Shelley, recognizable by the concave topside panel at the stern.

So even though Susan's boat #2681 is also a McCutcheon Shelley, and is also named Aftermath, she predates Charlie's boat by a year or two (and by 133 numbers, but they weren't necessarily assigned consecutively.) Pure coincidence - go figure!

The conversion to foils is moving along. I've fabricated carbon brackets for the stern to accept my gantry. The lifting points for the well and the mainfoil are under construction. I'll have to cut into the deck near the well to fit the straps, so I may re-deck the boat since the Okume ply is showing its age (10 years.) Pics to follow tomorrow. Happy New Year!

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Nancy said...

A Shelly with foils ... very fun! can't wait to see this project progress.