Friday, July 15, 2011

The beginnings of a long set of tweaks

For the past week I've been sailing Try-Foil with her new gantry and new M2 mainfoil. These sessions have been the first since last year's debacle at Harbor Springs. The initial settings on the strut and rudder angles were my best guess. I've been tweaking the mainfoil's AoA and have been pushing the boat hard upping my highest recorded speed (as of today it stands at 23.3 kts.) I've also installed a GoPro camera and have taken some interesting video.

My first attempt (sans music) is a sorta homage to the moth pioneer videographers, including my version of the Squirrel-cam, the under-the-transom Bora-cam, and a nod to Gui's North Cacalaki road trip.

The next outing will have the Velocitek much closer to easily read the speed. And even though the turbid water of Willoughby Bay is my home pond, is it any wonder why I'm eager to sail again in the crystal clear water of Lake Michigan up at Harbor Springs?

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