Sunday, November 6, 2011

Try-Foil weights

After MARKLA posted the weights (estimated) for his Slino design, I thought I'd come up with comparable weights for Try-Foil. The boat, built in 2007-08 has undergone a number of modification and has been generally stored outside (but under the cover of a tarp.) Weights were measured by the bathroom scale method (stand on digital scale with and without holding various components and find the difference in the weighings.) Repeat a few times to get consistent results. I figure a max error of +/- 1 pound

Hull, paint, gantry (and foam non-skid, mainsheet blocks, take-up bungees, wand pivot block) 33 lbs (compare with Slino's 26 lbs)
Wings, tramps (and foam flotation, vang and cunny floppy blocks) 23 lbs (compare with Slino's 22 lbs)
Foils, tiller (M2 mainfoil & strut, homebuilt rudder assembly) 14 lbs (compare with Slino's 19 lbs)
Rigging, standing, running, mast, sail (and boom) 18.5 lbs (compare with Slino's 29 lbs.)

Slino total (est)  43.33 kg = 95.53 lbs
Try-Foil total (measured) 88.5 lbs = 40.14 kg

I believe that's a true total. I'm not sure why the large discrepancy in the weight of the rig. I'm using a standard fat Burville mast and KA sail. The boom is a large section carbon tube (the same I use for the outer rack tubes) and was built be Ted Vandussen. Standing rigging is 3/32" wire rope. Spreader and prodder are home-built. The two primary vang purchases are some Sailing Bits thimbles. It would be interesting to see how these numbers compare with others (either production or home builds.)


Phil Stevenson said...

Good targets for home builders.

We weighed some boats at St George on Saturday. Boats complete ready to launch weighed with a 50kg portable digital fish scale suspended from a spar and hooked to the mainsheet or vange where we lift the boats from to launch.

Chris Dixon's standard M2 34kg,
Luka Damic's Scalpal 34kg,
and suprise!
Shigemi's 4 year old Prowler Zero, also 34kg.
My Karma, HT hull with CST tubes and home made foils is 38kg. which I am quite happy with.

n4rkla said...

Markla has a North sail. It may be heavier.

Composite Components said...

I would be surprised if John's boats wearn't the lightest. No way Mach 2's are as well built - weight wise.

Unknown said...

Hi Joe, your post is very interesting.
Do you have the same weight division for the Mach2?

Joe Bousquet said...

I don't. I was just using the same categories that MARKLA devised on his perverted moth blog: