Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mothing with the Attitude of Gui

Karl mentioned the take-no-prisoners-approach that Gui brings to his mothing in this post. I evoked that spirit a bit today. Yesterday my outhaul cleat had pulled off and I just glued it back onto the boom last night with some five minute epoxy and never got around to putting any carbon on the repair. This morning's breeze of 10-20 knots was calling me to go again so I quickly completed the repair with some wetted out uni, wrapped electrical tape around the fibers and the boom, and headed to Willoughby. When I got there I noticed that a 3 inch long 1/4-20 bolt that holds the rudder in the cassette had jiggled out and was somewhere along the road. No fear - I jammed a screw driver in the hole and secured it with some tape. After launching I had sailed but a few minutes when there was a loud BANG as the boom dropped to the deck. My outhaul hook had opened up and wouldn't hold the sail. A quick jury-rig lashing got the boat sailing again and I headed back to the beach for a bit more substantial fix. After properly lashing the clew I headed back out for a nice two hour session.

Call it self sufficiency, call it resourcefulness, call it the spirit of MacGyver or the ethos of the Gui-man. Whatever it takes, keep on truckin'. The only thing that called me back was a 1:00 p.m. family committment. A happy wife make a happy life.

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