Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Traveling Twice the Speed of Sound

Do you ever get a tune in your head and have it repeat all day long? After seeing the latest pics of the Mach2 off the mold the old Crosby, Stills and Nash song came to the forefront of my brain from some inner recesses. I'm wondering about the imprinting process. All of the carbon I lay up might be structurally sound (or maybe not!) but I couldn't for the life of me get a presentable look that I could show off with a clearcoat finish. That's why my hull and foils are painted. What McDougall/McConaghy are doing with their hull and what Bruce has done with his latest foil is way beyond my capabilities. There are some nice cosmetics out there. And how about that big oven in the background?!

So hum along with me and CSN:

Just a Song before I Go, lyrics by Graham Nash (1977)

Just a song before I go,
To whom it may concern.
Travelling twice the speed of sound
It's easy to get burned.

When the shows were over
We had to get back home,
And when we opened up the door
I had to be alone.

She helped me with my suitcase,
She stands before my eyes
Driving me to the airport,
And to the friendly skies.

Going through security
I held her for so long.
She finally looked at me in love,
And she was gone.

Just a song before I go,
A lesson to be learned.
Travelling twice the speed of sound
It's easy to get burned.

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