Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm back

The last three weeks have been extremely hectic with two trips to Massachusettes, three high school graduations and a college graduation on top of my end-of-the-year duties at school. So much for excuses...

Here's what's happening on the moth front:

(1) I decided to fly to Oregon and ship the boat as opposed to driving there and back. The cost either way is just about a wash, but the trip will be much easier via air. Thanks to Bora for pushing me to this direction.

(2) My Fastacraft generation 3 main foil hasn't arrived yet, but from the post by Luka it will be worth the wait.

(3) I start lay up of my new rudder tomorrow. Bora has agreed to sell me a horizontal. My task will be to mate the foil to the rudder at the correct angle. Yes, I'm still planning on the 5 degree forward cant. A picture of the gantry without its fairing is included.

(4) So until I can get the boat together it will be erging, cycling and general fitness exercises to get this old body in as good of a condition as I can before leaving for the Gorge.

Enjoy Alice and the Muppets.

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