Sunday, October 10, 2010

Addiction Withdrawal

I'm just miserable reading the temporary results of the HHPDO being sailed in Rye.

According to the event scoresheet the winds yesterday for the four Saturday races were 7, 12, 15, and 17 knots. Compared to last year's 25 knots that is very pleasant sailing! The other surprise is John taking a 2-1 in his Hungry Beaver. There seems to have been some attrition yesterday, and today's results haven't been posted yet, but I'm hoping to hear some tales from John or Peter. Why, oh why, couldn't I be there???

My plan for the winter is to again sort out a competitive mainfoil for my boat. The plan is to buy and fit a M2 strut and foil (my well is a little further aft that the M2's well, but has plenty of room to fit a cassette to house the centerboard.)  Now, this isn't cheap to say the least (around $3K) but I'm convinced that will get be back sailing and out of the back of the fleet.  To support this habit I'm in the process of selling some stuff, including my 10 year old Miata.

First up, though, is the set of carbon shrouds and rear wing bar support by Southern Spars that I won last year at the Gorge. These have never been used or installed, only taken out of the bag to inspect them. Retail price is now AU$530 on the Sailing Bits website.   Current currency conversion say that's about US$520. Highest bid over $350 takes 'em.

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johnz said...

Joe, check the US Moth Yahoo group. Matt put up a really nice summary of the racing and the characters involved. The wind got a little above my talent level and I finally earned my stripes at break something - i.e. the vertical tube on my gantry split down the middle.

Lots of navigation challenges with changing number of legs and finish marks every race. Interesting sailing challenges like trying to pass and then gybe across the middle of a train of 15 knot F18 catamarans, who are reacing out to a wing mark while you are heading to the leward gate.

In short, great weather and a really nice group of people to sail with. Maybe next year?