Thursday, October 14, 2010

Winging it, part 2

Picture by Thierry Martinez
Interview at Sail Anarchy
And a comment from John Z: "I got to speak at length with Steve Clark after his talk at dinner (last weekend at the HHPDO).  The wing doesn’t look all that complicated; Steve was happy to discuss all of the details.  I don’t know that an average sailor could gain anything from sailing with a wing but is certainly is cool and I think about it all the time.  Transportation will be a bitch.  I’m a model airplane enthusiast … I want to build one; looks easier than building a sail.  Happy to share sketches with you once I make some up."  – John Z

My homebuilder itch needs scratching. Right now I need to sort the foil and continue to drool over the wing...

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Fred said...

Please put me in for sketches. I have loads a´freetime from January on (hopefully). AND I WANT ONE. And storage is no problem. Just 100m from the slipway.