Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to the Future

School and crew season have finally ended and I can now turn back to working on Try-Foil. The goal this season is to fit the new Mach2 mainfoil and strut to my boat. The first challenge is to adapt the lower bell crank pivot to my modified pushrod location which was situated to match up with the old FC mainfoil. My solution is to simply raise the pin location resulting in an effectively shorter strut. I'll also have to beef up the strut where it exits the hull to match the designed exit point, now an inch and a half higher. I'll also have to fit a new cassette for my well to accommodate the new cross section. Hopefully all will be taken care of in the next couple of weeks.

But first up is a re-decking of Try-Umph, by 1997 mistral classic. Next weekend Susan and I will be heading to New Jersey to sail in the 20th annual Brigantine moth regatta organized by George Albaugh, a CMBA stalwart and class historian. Susan will be in Aftermath, her Shelley,  and I'll be sailing the mistral. With the past few years focused on travel with Try-Foil (in '08 to Weymouth, in '09 to Cascade Locks, and last summer to Harbor Springs) we hadn't made the trip to Brigantine, one of Susan's favorites, in quite a few years. So I'm looking forward to the racing and socializing after a week of  boat work replacing the roll tanks.

As an aside, George recently posted on his blog Mid-Atlantic Musings  some historical material about mothing in the 1950s. Included in recent classic moth discussions was the moth hiking board (seen in the pic at the top, courtesy of George Bailey) a controversy that caused them to be banned at the 1950 IMCA AGM.  Seems nothing is new under the sun as we consider the solid wing sixty years later. Interestingly enough, George relates that Warren Bailey won the 1954 Moth World Championship in his boat MACH ONE. Isn't it a small world?

Here's the video by Clayton Fuller that George posted:

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