Sunday, March 6, 2011

Added Value?

From Scuttlebutt:

(March 4, 2011) - The submission deadline for the all-deciding ISAF mid-year conference beginning of May in St. Petersburg is approaching fast - in fact it will be 12:00 UTC on Monday, March 10. Here are some quotes from well know members of the Sailing Community that highlight why Kiteboarding should become a part of the future Olympic Sailing Programme.

...Jerome Pels (ISAF Secretary General): "Foiling Moths with wing masts and kiteboards are the answer" (in response to a statement from Pierre Ducrey, Head of Sports Operations at IOC, regarding "added value" that sailing needs to provide to the Olympic Games)....

This answer to the added value question will result in a twofold increase in cost for those wanting to achieve Olympic gold. The difference in cost between the kiteboard answer and the wing mast moth answer would be at least one order of magnitude. While the ISAF may think this is good for sailing, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be good for the class. Besides, would an Olympic designated moth be a one-design (hopefully limiting costs) or keep the development aspect?

It seems a pot of trouble if you ask me.

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Teknologika said...

I think that the Olympics need moths, but not the other way around.