Monday, January 17, 2011

Equipment matrix

I sorta missed the compilation of an equipment matrix for the competitors at Belmont. I know it's a lot of work, and somewhat like trying to herd cats, but can anyone give us who weren't there some insight as to the equipment used? Obviously a lot of M2s and KA sails. Where was the first non-M2? How many BRs? Assasins? Ninjas? FCs? Homebuilds?

What other sails besides the KA kit? I was intrigued to see a white sail used by Michael O'Shea in at least some races. What else raised the eyebrows? Any large chord masts?  I thought I saw a wooden boat in a pic or two.

Curious minds what to know.

Doug's gear table for the Europeans is linked here for reference.


Doug Culnane said...

Hi Joe,

I have done these tables in the past for events I was going to and when there were are few boats going that I knew about.

Now nearly all boats at the worlds are new and there are huge numbers of them. i also have the problem that most people do not send me data.

In order to compile a database of boat data I have started some initiatives:


Not sure if they will work but I hope so.

All the best,


Joe Bousquet said...


Thanks for your efforts in the past. They are appreciated. I think for most events, though, it would most likely take someone on the ground (but probably not actually competing) to fill in the gaps in the data and actively solicit info from the competitors who didn't send info ahead of time. Like I said: trying to herd cats...

Anonymous said...

the white sail was a ka sail aswell