Friday, January 14, 2011

Belmont from half a world away

Congrats to Nathan; a well deserved win! And a great job by Scott as regatta director and to the sponsors and videographers. I only wish we would have had the TracTrac working like at the Euroupeans.

The US contingent finished with 5 in the top 20, but only one in the top ten. The home field advantage was certainly in play with the lion's share going to the home country and most of the top going to the Lake Macquarie regulars.

The lessons learned seem to be:

(1) practice
(2) have equipment in top-notch condition to prevent breakage
(3) have lots of free time to practice
(4) be strong and fit and not afraid of big air
(5) practice often with a few high ability "mates."
(6) use well tested equipment, not risking untried modifications
(7) practice.

There's an old Vaudeville routine: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" Practice, practice, practice.

Next up in a short 17 months is the 2012 Worlds in Italy. Will I be there? Hopefully, but for sure in San Diego in 2013.  My boat will soon be sporting a new Mach2 mainfoil so this upcoming season should be a lot more productive.

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