Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Your boat in a museum?

One of my first madmothist posts, written exactly six years ago today as I was waiting for Try-Foil to be returned from Weymouth, was about the history of the Moth class and included a reference to the Mariner's Museum, which is only 45 minute from my house. After a short blurb in Scuttlebutt about an AC72 J-board being given to the Museum, I sent an e-mail to the Lyles Forbes, the chief curator. My note and his response are copied below.

So, there's an opportunity for someone's boat to gain international respect and be saved for posterity. Are there any unused boats about?

I see from the latest issue of Scuttlebutt that the Museum will be
getting a AC foil to add to the small boat collection. I'm a local 
(Norfolk) moth sailor and am familiar with the Museum and the 
small boat gallery. You may be aware that moths are also foiling 
now (and have been for ~10 years.)  Maybe the acquisition of a
foiling moth would be a nice comparison to the Silver Spray that
you now have.

Joe Bousquet

Lyles Forbes

Jul 29 (1 day ago)
to me
Dear Joe,

Thanks for your e mails this morning!  We do indeed
have the J-foil from the AC72 as well as a T-foil 
rudder from an AC45 now in the collection. Hopefully
we will be able to get them on display very soon – we
are trying to design a mount to support the foils.

As to your mention regarding the Moth class, 
absolutely I have been aware of their foiling 
capabilities for several years! The evolution of the 
current design from that of Silver Spray is really 
amazing. Although I think we ultimately would like
to have a foiling Moth for the collection, at the 
moment we are really out of room to display any 
more boats. We recently were given a large dhow from
Kenya, that has overtaken the area that my volunteers
used to conserve our collection.

However, if you become aware of a foiling Moth that
someone is interested in donating, I will certainly 
present that to our collections committee for 
discussion; as well as with our exhibition designer to
see if there is some way of displaying the boat in the 

Thanks again for contacting us, and hopefully you will
soon be able to view the Oracle foils in the 
International Small Craft Center!

Best regards,

Lyles Forbes

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