Thursday, January 1, 2009


The New Year traditionally is a time for resolutions. One change I'd like to affect is an increase in my fitness and a decrease in my weight. From today there are 220 days until Race One of the Gorge Worlds. I hope to drop a few pounds, to build my upper body strength, and to increase my cardiovascular endurance. I'm sure 177 pounds/80 kg/12 and a half stone/134 kinn puts me in the 90th percentile when it comes to helm's weights. Even though it's far from statistically valid, feel free to participate in the bare-naked-helm's-weight survey in the righthand margin.

Today's musical inclusion is a weirdo Anime song that came up when I googled “Resolution.” I don’t have any idea what it means but it does have a funky beat. I’d give it a 7 for danceability….

Lyrics – translated, so who knows if they’re correct (and how does the idea of ‘resolution’ come in?)

Why is there so many fragile wishes?
The color of the breeze before dawn makes the town gentle

*Truthfully, I was always searching,
Afraid to stare straight ahead.
It's only because you're here that I can face tomorrow
Don't be scared, no matter when

**"We have the same dream" Within that shine
We walk closer to each other, so don't ever get lost

In that unsteady feeling, I can't even decide on tomorrow
With that wandering eye, I stared at the chaos around me

Truthfully, I was always requesting
I want to find a place where I can rest with my heart and all

***When I met you, everything became clear
My heart began beating passionately (2)

"We have the same dream" That brightness is always
(I'm) Hugging it, never letting go, so don't ever look back (3)
* [repeat]
*** [repeat]

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Bora Gulari said...

i fly anywhere from 170-175. As soon a you 7 pull on cunningham i dont think 177 is hurting you much