Monday, February 2, 2009


Math can be considered the systematic study of patterns. So if x causes y when z is present then y may be dependent (or not) on both x and z. Boy, maybe figuring out the right boat set-up does require a rocket scientist, or perhaps, just a lucky combination of settings that be be duplicated in a given set of conditions.

We have always twiddled with the wand settings such as length, paddle shape, stiffness, flap gain at various angles, and so forth. Add to the mix the AoA of the main foil (without considering the flap) and the "neutral" flap angle and things really get confusing. Up until a couple of weeks ago all of these settings were done on the beach but now with the Luka Wand (patent pending) there's the added underway adjustment of wand length and ride height.

I found an interesting piece on the Wall Street Journal about Math and Music. So if my foiler is a Siren, perhaps she's calling to me with the music of the Beatles...

Enjoy the tune "A Million Whys" from Dr. Jason Brown up in Nova Scotia.

Oh yeah, did you figue out the text message in this post's title? Here's a hint: It's a rhyme about your genius and my inadequacies....and it doesn't have a million whys, ony two.

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