Sunday, January 10, 2010

Full Results here

In deference to mid-fleeters and home builders around the world, here's a link to the full results. Congrats to Andrew McDougall on winning (from someone else who just turned 55 years old) but also to Andrew S., Luka, Alan, Phil K., Brent, Richard, John, Chris, Benjamin, Phil S., James, Ian, Phil L., and Cain. Now that we've had our Phils, let's get back to the conversion of a 45 year old Shelley to accommodate foils. I'm still laminating bits of carbon and expect to tear off Aftermath's foredeck this week to install a control rod through-tube (nixing a Morse cable set-up as too old school.) The Classic Moth Midwinters start in 27 days. Stay tuned.

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