Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Job

The biggest snow to hit Hampton Roads in over a decade and only five days before we depart for Florida with neither boat ready to sail and an unheated garage space out back. What's a madmothist to do? Bring the boat into the kitchen, of course!

The warm temps inside allow for Susan's boat to get a couple of coats of epoxy to seal the new deck sections and a single coat of polyurethane. The boat gets hauled outside for sanding in between coats and then carted back into the kitchen. I also got a chance to build the gantry struts. With the triangulation I'm sure the set up will be strong enough. The sheet metal screws are temporary until the resin kicks and will be changed out for bolts.

I just need to place the deck hardware this evening (eyestraps, turning blocks and cam cleats for control lines) and Aftermath will be done. She gets hauled out tomorrow and placed on the trailer. That is, after I remove Try-Foil and her cradle. Oh yeah, I also have to pull Try-Umph (my mistral classic) out of the garage rafters and install roll tanks and the aft deck. With any luck, the six inches of snow and the inch of sleet/freezing rain will get school canceled on Monday and I'll get a day off to really get some work done on my boat. Stay tuned.


George A said...

Oh, Joe! Time is a great enemy...
I do hope school is out on Monday. We got about 4" up here and it's still coming down. The road to the liquor store was heaving with nay-bobs. Seeya in Gulfport.

nick flutter said...

hey joe, looks nice! too bad about the snow!

i reckon, from blind intuition, that you might need another 2 struts - from the top of the gantry attachment things to the aft corner of the boat. either that or a strut between the two points. actually the latter might be fine. the torsion loads that that setup will have to take are in the hundreds of kilos!
anyway good luck, im sure you got it sorted but thats just my 2 bobs worth!