Thursday, August 14, 2008

A couple of interesting e-mails

Rod Minchner, one of my classic moth buddies, found the you-tube video of me in Weymouth. The sequences were taken on two (or three) different days. The last bit with the day-glo windbreaker was on the last day of racing. After the numerous capsizes on the previous day I wanted to make sure I was visible for the rescue boats! I ended up coming in early on Friday because I didn't have any rudder foil control and couldn't get the boat downwind in the 20+knots. With the audio on you can hear the incessant pile driving as the construction preparing for the 2012 sailing olympics was well underway.

I also got a link from George Albaugh about a Europe for sale on e-bay. He writes:
This is one of Meg Gaillard's Europes, although she is not the
seller--Meg sold off her equipment years ago. It's hard to say which one this is since she used the same sail number, USA 112, on all of her boats leading up to the 2004 Olympic games. The boat is located in Florida.
In a subsequent e-mail, Geroge writes that he thinks that the seller, isleofwightlen, " a guy named Lennie Parker. This guy contacted me after noting the 112 sail number on my Europe when he saw a pic of the boat racing last January down at Gulf Port. He e-mailed me to say that he had the "real" 112. I invited him to sail with Paul Lindenberg at Melbourne Beach last spring but he indicated that while he could sail he wasn't good enough to race. He apparently has two of Meg's pre-Olympic boats--one in Deerfield Beach and one back in the UK. He also says he has half ownership of an old tall rigged Aussie Scow back in the UK--all this and the guy doesn't race? Go figure..."

I find it's interesting that the real reason he's selling the Europe is to buy an International moth. A foiler?

Oh yeah, our Nationals start tomorrow. Updates as I get them.

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