Friday, August 1, 2008

Delivery scheduled, but what a cost!

Julie from the local SEKO office just called and told me the boat has cleared Customs and she scheduled the delivery of my "water sports equipment" for mid-day on Monday. So I lose another weekend of sailing, this time tomorrow's Ware River annual regatta. I really wanted to make this event because it's one of the few in the lower bay that has a handicapped start and I wanted to show off the foiler. Also, Ware River was the venue for the last Moth Worlds to be held in the States (back in 1976.)

So back to waiting for the boat. I did get the cost of the shipping the boat over to the UK from the freight forwarder: $1606.63. Still to come is the the bill to bring it back home. So my adventures in Weymouth will probably come in over $3K. It sure makes Nige's carry-on "windsurfer" approach with Virgin Atlantic seem the way to go.

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