Monday, November 17, 2008

Everybody in the Pool!

The blog aggregator seems to be pulling everybody into the pool. From the postings since mid-August I count 26 different authors, some with but one entry (Sam) others with bunches (yours truly), some with super interesting content (Bruce and Luka's Mothcast - too bad it's only posted monthly), some with inane content (hey! click here!). It's great reading all the thoughts rumbling throughout the mothosphere. I particularly look forward to the comments from the movers and shakers in the class (Scott, Si, Bruce, Phil, Bora, Karl, Doug, Adam, and others.) I'm sure the World Championship Moth Blog committee of Matt, Andrew, and Glenn have their hands full. It would be interesting to get their up-to-date thoughts of the front runners.

So, here's the take on water temperature, as indicated by those who took the recent poll. It seems that there are some true die-hards among us (9/34 say that only when the water freezes is it "too cold.") Most folks start to complain at around 10C. As Si mentioned in a recent post, even water temperatures of 11C can cause ventilation, freezing feet and control lines that start to erode skin. We in the Northern Hemisphere tend to either shut down this time of year or, if schedule and finances permit (Bora), head Down Under to the upcoming summer. Thanks to the 34 people who submitted input. I'm looking forward to the results of Simon Propper's poll on the UK Website.

The invitation is still open to include YOU, yes YOU, as a "mothie following this blog." Com'on in, the water's fine.



Teknologika said...

Hi Joe,

I'm glad you are liking mothcast. I don't consider myself a moover and shaker. I just consider myself louder than most.



Karl said...

If I am shaking it is only because my wetsuit has holes in it. But thanks for the thought - KW