Saturday, November 15, 2008

Morning Light and Wacky Weather

This afternoon I took in the movie Morning Light at a 12:30 matinee. Almost all of the Hampton Roads sailing community was there. Ironic because the weather was more like September than November. With the bay water temperature still at 60 degrees F, the air temperature in the upper seventies, and the breeze between 10 and 20 mph, if this was May everybody would have been out sailing. As it was, since it's mid-November, most folks have shut down the sailing urges and are relegated to getting their fix via the cinema or the web.

Oh yeah, the movie. Pretty good for a documentary. You should try to catch it if you can. The official website is overly complicated but there's a reasonable copy of the trailer on You Tube.

Just a dozen hours left to weight in on the poll about water temperature. My commentary tomorrow.

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